Hey friends! I’m Cortney.
Welcome to Clarity & Strength!

So, I’ve tried writing this bio thing a few times now and I’ve got nothing. Instead, here are 7 fun facts about me just off the dome.  


  1. I love God….He’s AWESOME.
  2. I love music. Live it. Breathe it. It’s my jam. (Plus I sing, write and stumble over my guitar a few times a year.)
  3.  I can come up with a whole movie in my brain (soundtrack and everything) in probably 10 minutes. It’s a gift and a curse (the mind wanders sometimes when I should be paying attention to important stuff!).
  4.  I literally hate it when people put a “u” in my name. HATE. IT. (But I’ll politely smile and correct you. It’s not your fault.)
  5.  Top Five Favorite Foods (at the moment): Mixed greens…salads are heavenly, strawberries & nutella….do not separate, chicken salad, lemon pepper chicken wings, waffles.
  6.  Top Five Favorite Things to Do: Sleep, eat and not workout, watch television, go to the beach, sleep.
  7. I secretly want to be a life coach, professional singer and director of a daycare center. Is that weird?

Comment below with some of your fun facts!

Welcome aboard!



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