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What fruit does my life reflect?

DISCLAIMER: Though this post was written before the COVID-19 pandemic, my heart continues to go out to those affected and those working tirelessly each day to serve our communities. As we move forward in the coming weeks and you feel that you need extra support, send me a message. I’m happy to pray for you, give advice via email on finances, faith or productivity. Don’t … Continue reading What fruit does my life reflect?

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Seven Pillars of my Walk with God

Being a follower of God, or disciple, is a journey of faith.  Ultimately, when we begin our walk with God (as the disciples did with Jesus), we know nothing about Him besides the things we’ve been told. Even in those things – they aren’t things we intimately know for ourselves of Him.  I wanted to write this post for a two-fold reason. The first just … Continue reading Seven Pillars of my Walk with God

2020 Goals – Growing into Myself

Hey Fam! Welcome back to the blog and (if you haven’t heard it enough already) Happy New Year to you! 2019 flew by like we knew it would. I took the time to learn and grow into who I’m becoming. I’ve become a little more careful,a bit more grounded and I’m grateful for that. (Still don’t know how to go to bed on time but … Continue reading 2020 Goals – Growing into Myself

Goodbye 2019, Hello New Decade

Happy New Year Fam! Welcome back. I hope you’ve enjoyed the entire holiday season – from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day. This time off for me has been refreshing, informative, relaxing, and all the things in between.  I know everyone has been on their “new year, same me” or “new year, new me” vibe, giving out all of the advice and well wishes. I could … Continue reading Goodbye 2019, Hello New Decade

Five Ways to Build Confidence

Over the past decade, my confidence level has went from: “ Meh, I’m alright” to “I suck.” to “Get it together, Cortney” to  “Girl, get up and act like you got it together” to “Alright CJ, I SEE YOU GIRL.” When I tell you life for me ain’t been no crystal stair?! (Langston Hughes reference – look it up lol) To say that my relationship … Continue reading Five Ways to Build Confidence

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To Reach Your Goals, Start Doing Them

If you couldn’t tell by now, I’m the QUEEN of making goals. I have created yearly goals. Quarterly goals. Monthly and weekly goals. Goals based on my birthday and age. I’ve had relationship goals, financial goals, health and fitness goals – you name it. However, one of the main ingredients to successful goal achievement is consistency. The only thing I was consistent in was NOT … Continue reading To Reach Your Goals, Start Doing Them

It’s OK to Start Over

These days, everyone is an Instagram coach or motivational speaker.  This world is saturated with people trying to help others in some way. Unfortunately, a lot of them end up saying the same thing – just in different, more creative ways. The latest thing I’ve noticed is them reminding us that “it’s OK to start over.” This saying is nothing new really. It just stuck … Continue reading It’s OK to Start Over

Depression is Real

Over the course of 2019, I’ve encountered the topic of depression several times with those around me. Depression is real and it shows itself in many forms.  So here’s a “check on” list to help us become a little less self-centered and a lot more self-sacrificing of our time and effort towards those we say we love.  Check on your parents. You may think you’re … Continue reading Depression is Real

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Though I Thought I Could Do it All, I Could Not Do it All Well

Growing up in the countryside of north Florida, I was a simple girl. School, chicken, Disney channel, my few select friends, church. I wasn’t thinking about my future much besides college. That was the goal. That was my purpose. Get good grades. Go to college for something that makes sense. However, once I got into college and saw a brand new world of people, places … Continue reading Though I Thought I Could Do it All, I Could Not Do it All Well