Hey it’s November! Let’s talk goals.

Hi fam! I’ve dropped the ball on my goals tremendously since July. It was a downward spiral of one thing after the other. However, with only 59 days left in this year, I wanted to make sure that I created habits and a plan to be more effective going forward. Really. How many times have we heard someone say – “oh my gosh! The new … Continue reading Hey it’s November! Let’s talk goals.

Life Soundtrack – October

Hey fam! Here’s another installment of THEE life soundtrack of yours truly for the month of October. October definitely presented its challenges with Hurricane Michael coming through and consequently having to juggle life after the storm. However, WE MADE IT. And I’m grateful. For the most part, we were able to remain uplifted and joyful so hopefully these songs bring you a little joy! All … Continue reading Life Soundtrack – October

Quick Hello after Hurricane Michael

Devastated. The only word that could be used to explain the feeling of what happened in the Florida panhandle last week. The sun is shining bright on Florida today and the capital city is nearing a place of normalcy. But last week, that was definitely not the case. Hurricane Michael violently slammed into my and surrounding communities; and now homes, businesses, churches and families are … Continue reading Quick Hello after Hurricane Michael

Life Soundtrack – September

Welcome back for another installation of my life soundtrack! September was an interesting month for me. When I tell you that feeling of transition set in a bit! IT SET IN! Without warning! But just like any other time, Jesus and music got me through. Here are just a few of the tracks that moved me this month. Enjoy! All my Love, CJ *no copyright infringement … Continue reading Life Soundtrack – September

5 Ways to Better Keep your Word

This year I beat myself up heavily about not keeping my word to someone on a project that literally would have taken me a week tops to complete. After speaking with them about it later and expressing my guilt, they were fine but I was left feeling like a disappointment. I vowed to do my best to never feel that again. Maybe you struggle with … Continue reading 5 Ways to Better Keep your Word

Cut Out the Noise!

You’re reading every blog post, every book, going to every conference, buying every planner, going to every vision board party, listening to every podcast, liking every post on Instagram, and saving every inspirational quote. What exactly do you have to show for it? If you’re anything like me, the answer is frustration, emptiness and feelings like you’re not enough. Sound familiar? My friend, there is … Continue reading Cut Out the Noise!

I’m So Glad You’re Here

Welcome, you beautiful people. Welcome to my place of freedom, fun, and faith! I’m so glad to have you here at Clarity & Strength. It lets me know that I have good connections, good friends, and definitely a good God. You are not here by chance, but by pre-determined destiny. I hope that the purpose on the inside of me brings out the best purpose … Continue reading I’m So Glad You’re Here