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Hello, April – Let’s Work

You know, I often joke that I have the gift of prophecy. Who knows – I might!  It’s just never been something I thought about pursuing lol.  When I was contemplating my word for 2020, I wrote four additional words on the side that I’d use for each quarter as an ‘evolution’ of sorts. I loved my word pick for 2020, but I couldn’t seem … Continue reading Hello, April – Let’s Work

What I’ve learned from Start by Jon Acuff | February Book Review

“No one says, “I’m going to be average for 65 years and then die.” The moment I heard that line spoken by Jon, I knew this would be a book I enjoyed.  Start by Jon Acuff is his kick in your butt to realize that you don’t have to stay average. You’re meant to be awesome and you should go and BE AWESOME.  Here are … Continue reading What I’ve learned from Start by Jon Acuff | February Book Review

February 2020 Goals – COMMIT

“Goooooddd morning USA!!!!!!!” Don’t ask me why – just felt like saying it lol Welcome back to the blog fam!  January was interesting, right? Seems like it lasted forever but I’m sure the rest of the year will fly by to make up for the time.  Because of that reason, my word for February is COMMIT. I’m committing to myself, my body and my work. (It’s … Continue reading February 2020 Goals – COMMIT

2019 Recap – Doing More of What’s Important

Hey Fam! Welcome back to the blog.  Today we’re talking about goals! (One of my favorite subjects lol)  2019 went by in a blur but not without serving its purpose under the sun. My focus in 2019 was simple – do more of what’s important. I set certain goals in hopes they were what I believed to be important for that time, but life has … Continue reading 2019 Recap – Doing More of What’s Important