Embrace the Season

Tuesday marked the start of a new season. Spring. Here in Florida, birds are chirping, flowers are blooming, the wind is churning. Seasons are changing. Just like the seasons of our environment change, the seasons of our lives change. We know it’s upon us. We can feel the weight and the pressure of transition taking … More Embrace the Season

Brotherly Love

Welcome back friends! Last week was rough, had death in the family and some trying circumstances, but I’m back. All my love, CJ.   Where I’m from, March 12th is a day of remembrance for a true saint and friend.   Melvin J. Ray Not only was March 12th his birthday, but it was also … More Brotherly Love

March into Momentum

Ladies and Gentlemen, March has officially entered the building! I’m not sure if it’s the fact that spring is near, or that I’m grateful February is over! All I know is, it’s about to be a great month. February was trying! There was so much adversity and loss in such a short amount of time … More March into Momentum