Embracing Discomfort

This morning I listened to a sermon by Steven Furtick about dysfunctional comfort. 

During the sermon, Furtick stated that we shouldn’t be so quick to ask God to rebuke the devil when feelings of discomfort are present. Sometimes, God is using that trouble and discomfort to transform us. 

I don’t know about you, but this entire year has been one uncomfortable situation. What started out as two weeks of quarantine has lasted three months. For a while there, I thought everyone was going through the five stages of grief. Today, it seems that we’ve all made it to the acceptance phase but I can’t help but wonder – why do we despise uncomfortability?

As Furtick said, we’re so quick to call something the hand of the devil when it’s really God calling you out of your comfort zone. 

Abraham had to leave his kin. Joseph had to be thrown in the pit. David had to serve Saul who despised him, Paul was constantly persecuted, Jesus had to suffer and die. 

But Abraham became the father of many nations. Joseph made it to the palace and saved his family. David was king and loved by God, Paul is a world renowned apostle, Jesus is the Savior of the world seated at the right hand of the Father. 

Each of these men did the opposite of what we do today. 

They didn’t complain about every little thing and ask God to do away with His plan for their life. 

They submitted their life to the hand of God and trusted Him at His word along the way because (besides Jesus) they could not see the outcome. They simply knew God’s plan for them was good. 

Discomfort transforms us. 

It’s easy to lie in bed every morning and not work out. Who wants to feel the pain of our muscles tearing and feel the soreness as they repair?

It’s easy to ignore God and scroll social media when we could be using our time more wisely and connecting with Him. Who wants to sit and read a book that we may or may not understand all the time and hope we hear from someone we can’t see?

It’s easy to sit down on God given ideas for businesses that we should be starting to build wealth for our family. Who wants to learn about building a website, selling a product effectively, or business tax laws? 

One thing that sermon and all of those examples in the Bible have taught me is this – get okay with being uncomfortable.

God’s best is better for you than your complacency. 

You want better for yourself than what you currently have. 

It’s a matter of faith. (And most times, that’s the real issue.)

Let’s continue accepting this uncomfortable time, yes. However, also seek God for what He wants you to get out of it. What area(s) of your life does He want to do a transformation in that this season is bringing to light?

P.S. Laziness (not to be confused with resting) is the body’s comfort zone. Reject it. 

2 thoughts on “Embracing Discomfort

  1. Great post Courtney. It reminds me of a saying that I always hear “you have to get comfortable being uncomfortable.” I have heard it in the context of career progression but it basically means that we can’t be status quo and complacent. We have to progress and move forward and that most times happen when we are not doing things that makes us comfortable.


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