May | Moving with Momentum

What’s up fam?!

Today marks two months that I’ve been held up in the house and working from home. I’ve only gone out for groceries, outside workouts and to do praise and worship at church. 

I’ve gotten sick at least twice – none of which were COVID-19 related, spent a ton of time with my parents (I live with them), and watched a boatload of Hallmark channel with my mom. Going outside has become a favorite of mine again and I’ve lost complete control over my sleep schedule. In comparison to the dangers, turmoil and fatalities some of the rest of humanity is experiencing right now, I’m extremely grateful. God is good and thankfulness is overflowing. 

In April, I resolved not to stick to a set of goals per usual. I simply wanted to do a few things if my head space would allow it. Thankfully, it did. 

I was able to finish two books, save $500 and replenish my emergency fund, write & publish three blog posts, declutter and FINALLY try on a pair of lashes. I also practiced “social media free weekends,” called a loved one each week, moved my body almost everyday and spent intentional time reading the Bible and journaling. 

Working from home has helped me to achieve everything I wanted to do AND still be effective in my job. It was refreshing. April did come with its challenges though – one being the end of a relationship (not COVID-19 related lol). But I know God has a plan for even that so I’m moving forward to regaining some mental peace.

April taught me to hold on to who I am, know that I’m capable of more that I restrict myself to and to be true to myself regardless of distractions. 

I’m hoping for May to be a month of momentum! I want to provide more value to people in the world through my voice, my words and my deeds. Slowly, I can see myself moving in that direction. I’m giving in to my creativity and gifts more, but I want to continue getting more rooted in the Word of God. I started reading The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren this week and he said, “if you want to know the purpose of a creation, ask its Creator.” (paraphrasing)

I talk a lot about purpose here and I can understand the struggle of trying to “figure it out”. I’ve done plenty of self-reflection, but it’s different when you ask God and have to listen for His answer.

We all want to know why we’re here, but I think the answer is a lot more simpler than we would like to think. I’m giving myself grace in this area this month as I move through this book. Let me know if you’ve ever read it. I want everything I do from here on out to be rooted in that purpose God made just for me. 

For May, I’m going to:

  • Finish three books
  • Write and publish a few more blog posts
  • Post consistently on Instagram (follow me @cortney_clarity!)
  • Hold my guitar
  • Move my body everyday
  • Journal through my emotions and Bible reading

The great thing about this list is, all of them are things that bring me joy and are healing to my heart right now. 

What are you doing for yourself that’s healing

In the current climate of the world today, we all need to give ourselves a little break from being on. 

All my Love, 


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