February 2020 Goals – COMMIT

“Goooooddd morning USA!!!!!!!”

Don’t ask me why – just felt like saying it lol

Welcome back to the blog fam! 

January was interesting, right? Seems like it lasted forever but I’m sure the rest of the year will fly by to make up for the time. 

Because of that reason, my word for February is COMMIT. I’m committing to myself, my body and my work. (It’s just a coincidence that this is the word for the month during the “month of love”.)

In January, I got a promotion that has placed an extra plate of responsibility at my table. Honestly, I’m excited about it. I enjoy being challenged and having to SHOW UP in big ways. (I tend to give the least amount of effort when I have to do the same things everyday. It’s a weakness. Working on it.)

February will be the month that I show up at work. Show up for myself and my own “personal work” endeavors and show up for my body and work out consistently. I’m vowing to commit to hard work which is something I don’t always like to do. But you know? When I wrote down the habits I wanted to implement this month, I got brutally honest with myself. You have to. Otherwise, you’ll keep doing the same crap hoping for different results and that’s just a waste of precious time you don’t have. 

As I challenge myself to COMMIT to something this month, I dare you to do the same. It’s not going to be easy because you’re used to doing the bare minimum sometimes. Challenge yourself in ONE AREA of your life. Where do you want to grow right now? What do you want to cultivate for the next 3.5 weeks?

I’ve got some crazy goals, you know. Even in the few things I plan to accomplish this year, there’s a lot of large steps that need to be taken – some of them that are super easy, they just take time. Time away from my phone. Time away from my TV. I really wanna see who Peter picks on the Bachelor this season. I really want to see which of these marriages will last on Married at First Sight! 

Am I willing to watch all my shows the next day or on the weekend and spend the two hours during the week to work at my goals? To study? To write? To rest?

I’d really love to know that ONE AREA you’re willing to COMMIT to this month for the betterment of your person. (Just one because we can’t do “all the things” and do it all well.)

My one thing: I’m committing to getting in the bed by 10:30 every night. Why? Because when I go to bed on time, I have a better chance of waking up on time. And when I wake up on time, I’m not cranky. And when I’m not cranky, I feel good and can get work done. And when I get more work done, I’m productive and feel good about myself! And so on and so on! I feel like going to bed on time is the source of all my procrastination and non-ability to function at 2M everyday. 

Problem is – it’s February 4th. So far, I’ve only done this once. SO! 

Let’s strive to COMMIT together


  • Nancy Ray’s Contentment challenge – month 2
  • Plan and implement a rest activity 
  • Plan and implement a fun activity 
  • Set a GRE test date
  • Clarity & Strength website work
  • Plan NYC birthday trip & send details to friends
  • Study for the GRE
  • Document prayers 
  • WORK: Complete Spring magazine article
  • WORK: Fill out 2020 conference spots


  • Log in to the Awakening 
  • Post on the blog
  • Share a message on social
  • Read for 30 minutes before bed (Bible)
  • Workout at the gym on M-T-TH-F
  • Complete a book (audio or otherwise)
  • Set aside Wednesdays for devotional time

Daily Habits:

  • Out of bed by 6:45AM
  • Write 30 minutes
  • Read before bed (Bible or Book)
  • New Testament Bible plan
  • 20 minute workout
  • Night routine by 9pm

That’s it!

In the comments below, tell me. What’s your one thing you’re committing to?

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