2019 Recap – Doing More of What’s Important

Hey Fam!

Welcome back to the blog. 

Today we’re talking about goals! (One of my favorite subjects lol)

 2019 went by in a blur but not without serving its purpose under the sun. My focus in 2019 was simple – do more of what’s important. I set certain goals in hopes they were what I believed to be important for that time, but life has a way of showing you what is and is not the MAIN THING. 

Let’s recap. 

In 2019, the four main components I wanted to focus on were:

  • Eliminate debt
  • Eliminate fear and doubt
  • Build my representation as an ambassador for Christ and 
  • Grow slow

I was going to do those things by:

  • Embodying “Seek ye first” (Matthew 6:33). Make the bible a priority.
  • Paying off my car by the end of 2019.
  • Getting out of my comfort zone – Speak up more. Speak good things. Get uncomfortable. 
  • Committing to fitness and health
  • Empowering the members of my church in new ways
  • Taking advantage of opportunities to help others well.
  • Advancing my entrepreneurial career.
  • Slowing down and doing more of what’s important. 

Did I eliminate debt at all? 

Not exactly. I actually went into further debt! Exciting! 

I was determined to pay off the car I started 2019 with by the end of December. A whole 16 months early. Instead, I purchased a newer used car in late September to replace the money pit that was becoming my car. I had emptied my emergency fund twice at this point and thanks to a push from my dad I bit the bullet even though I didn’t want to. Though the car I have now is more reliable, I hate I’m starting all over again. Nevertheless….God provides. In 2020, I’m starting fresh – rebuilding my emergency fund once more and continuing to work through my debt snowball.

Did I eliminate fear and doubt in myself?

I think so. Thanks to one of the best spiritual counselors on this side of heaven, my own soul searching and a great support system, I feel at least 85% more confident and doubtless in my abilities than I felt at the beginning of 2019. When 2019 started, I made goals out of pure faith because things were uncertain on EVERY SIDE. They continued that way for a good little bit too. Thankfully, the layers of uncertainty began to fall off. I gained more clarity. I gained more strength. I gained an appreciation for the people in my life. I gained an appreciation for LIFE. I understand now that a lot of the things I was experiencing was linked to my lack of commitment to myself and a buttload of comparison. 

Did I grow my representation as a representative of Christ? Maybe. Possibly.

When I think about this goal, I’m reminded of how a coworker gave to the youth conference I organize because she wanted to support my passion for encouraging youth to choose Jesus. I’m reminded of being ordained a licensed missionary. Didn’t see that one coming. Don’t know what to do with myself. Pray for me lol. I’m reminded of how I restarted youth Sunday school at my church and help mentor them on a regular basis.

Other than that, I think I just did my best to try and treat people with respect and kindness and be more concerned about how I could be a help and not a hindrance to others. 

Did I grow slow? ABSOLUTELY. 

I got to the end of 2019 and wondered what in the world I had accomplished this year. I knew I did something, but I couldn’t pinpoint what! Everything that I did this year seems like something that happened in 2018. The year seemed to go by so quickly, yet each day seemed like a trying lesson. I learned so much more about myself this year. I learned how to make more educated decisions. I learned to choose obedience over rebellion. I learned to cherish the people God has given me because they are precious and in an instant, they could be gone. I learned the importance of keeping my word. I learned the importance of true rest (and that I need to get more of it). I learned not to speak myself into things I can’t keep up with. I learned the importance of the right support system. 

It’s 2020 and more than anything, I want to carry “do more of what’s important” into this year as well. I don’t want to be the “hustler” that everyone else is. Don’t get me wrong – I do want to work hard. I just don’t want to be aimlessly working on things that don’t matter because someone else said it helped THEM get ahead in life. Doing that is what got me in a place of uncertainty and comparison as it is. Now, I say – death to the hustle. Yes to graceful intention and hard work. 
All my Love,

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