October 2019 Goals & September Recap

Hey Fam! Guess what?! It’s October. Crazy right?

We have officially entered into the last 90 days of this year. This time next week, it’ll be January 1st. (lol)

Time is flying! But it’s been a good time. September proved to be a month of proving me wrong. As much as I tried to make my goals as “less overwhelming” as possible, some of them still didn’t get touched. Thankfully, I don’t feel too torn up about it – minus one or two.

I think one of the best things I’ve finally learned this year is the concept of “little by little progress.” It’s not all going to happen overnight. Settle down. Take a chill pill. Focus on ONE thing. And that is the focus of October. 

If you’ll notice in my monthly goals, I have “last 90 days challenge” in there. It’s a concept from Rachel Holiis to go after ONE goal with all your might for the last 90 days of the year, master the “five to thrive” and give yourself a jumpstart BEFORE the new year. Usually October through December is the time of holidays, family gatherings, heavy eating and forgetting all you worked for throughout the year. Instead of waiting until January to make it happen again, Rachel is challenging us to make good use of these last three months to get a head start on what you want to master in the new year. It’s not just about setting goals to check off a list. It’s about focusing on things that will transform your life and put you in the direction you want to be in the next five or ten years.

Let’s review September: 


  • Finish two books – This month I only completed one book – “I’m Judging You” by Luvvie Ajayi. In a funny coincidence, Luvvie actually got married this past weekend and became Mrs. Jones! Though I didn’t complete a second book, I simultaneously started reading three other books (two of which I plan to finish in October thanks to Audible.)
  • Make more progress on DCM – Due to some travel, I didn’t spend time on this like I hoped. I’ve revised this into October. (Really don’t want to lose sight of this.)
  • Stick to the refreshed budget – this was the first month that I did this revised budget. Thankfully, I stuck it out. There were only two categories that really struggled, which I think is a good start. Dave Ramsey says it takes about three months for a budget to stick without errors. 
  • Read Romans in the Bible – ambitious as I was, I did not get past the first chapter of Romans. As much as things happened this month that I could use as excuses and reasons that robbed me of my time to do this – I won’t. I could have read instead of watching TV when I was tired. I could have woken up earlier, stayed up just a few minutes more. I guess in a sense I did accomplish the goal – read Romans. I just wish I was a little more intentional about it. This will continue into October for sure. 
  • Set up my business document. – set up completed. Next step – start working on the sections.
  • Plan out Fresh Start well – a friend of mine is creating a major platform for Christian content and I act as the executive assistant, graphic designer, idea bouncer-off-er. This month was very important in our desire to plan some things out. We made some good plans so I think we’re on the right track. Things are moving in a good direction.


  • Go to the gym/workout 4x a week – I didn’t go four times but I did manage to GO. The first week – twice, the second week – thrice, the third week – once and this past week – zero. 
  • Get outside & walk two miles – I only accomplished this one week this month. Sorry guys, I don’t like going outside in 100 degree weather lol. 
  • Write three blog posts – You may be thinking – Cortney, you couldn’t even write two blog posts a week last month. How did you think you’d do three a week this month? That wasn’t the point lol. The point was to put pressure on my butt to sit down and just write. And I did. Last month, there were two weeks where I didn’t write at all. This month. I wrote a minimum of one blog post each week. Some see it as failure, I see it as growth in the right direction.
  • Check in with Granny – did this all four weeks this month! She’s my last living grandparent. This goal is SO important.  
  • Meal Prep for the week – Though I was aiming for all four weeks, I only got to do three out of four. However, I still didn’t spend any money eating out so still a win! I had grocery money still left over. I drank smoothies for lunch. I ate leftovers.  
  • Budget check-ins – not only did I check my budget once a week, I did it on almost a daily basis. Sent money to four savings goals this month.


  • Get out of bed by 7:30 – I only achieved this goal 16 days this month lol. It’s completely okay though. I’m pretty tough on myself with this goal so technically I was out of the bed  BY 7:30, just not BEFORE.
  • Spend one hour towards goals, five days a week – I accomplished this 21 times this month! A major turn around from last month.  
  • Take off makeup at night – only achieved this 13 nights this month so I’m hoping to rectify that in October as a part of the “Last 90 days” challenge.
  • Ab roller use – I must have lost my mind somewhere because I only achieved this goal FOUR times this month. I’m not even mad fam.  
  • Bible/prayer journal- I only missed this goal by FOUR days this month. One day less than last month. That makes me happy to know I’m more intentional about connecting with God even though I didn’t spend the time reading Romans. 

Here are my goals and hopes for October 2019:


  • Last 90 Days challenge.
  • Celebrate family birthdays with JOY.
  • Realistic time blocking.
  • Whole foods body reset.
  • Meet 85% of work & personal deadlines. **trial goal
  • Worship God more.
  • Pray more impossible prayers.
  • Finish two audio books.
  • Develop business offerings.
  • Read Romans in the Bible
  • Write statement of purpose for grad school app


  • Spend 1 hour on DCM
  • Run/Walk 3 miles – 2x
  • Write 1 blog post
  • Meal prep B/L/S
  • Check in with Granny
  • Budget check-in every Monday


  • Out of bed by 6:45a
  • Bible/Prayer Journal
  • Wind down routine
  • 10 push ups
  • 3-minutes on ab circle pro

Comment below and let me know ONE goal you’d like to focus on for the next 90 days! Is it adding another client to your business? Is it praying more? Adding fitness to your routine? Let me know.

P.S. Thanks for reading friend.

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