To Reach Your Goals, Start Doing Them

If you couldn’t tell by now, I’m the QUEEN of making goals. I have created yearly goals. Quarterly goals. Monthly and weekly goals. Goals based on my birthday and age. I’ve had relationship goals, financial goals, health and fitness goals – you name it. However, one of the main ingredients to successful goal achievement is consistency. The only thing I was consistent in was NOT accomplishing my goals.

I had a misconception about goal setting. I thought if I could get the motivation to mentally revamp my life, somehow, I’d wake up the next day and my life would be different. I would start doing the new routines and accomplishing all I’d written down. I’d convinced myself that writing these lofty hopes and dreams on neat pieces of paper or in stylish journals will convince me that I can do it! They were doing it on Instagram! The website was so convincing! I could do it too! (Finally have the life I wanted.)

The thing is, I could if I followed through. The title of this post is “to reach your goal, start doing them” because it’s the truth about goal setting. Whether you write it down all over your apartment or never get it down on paper – it won’t happen until you put things into motion.

After watching myself start and fail so often, I realized the issue was my failure to START and my lack of consistency & discipline. It’s not enough just to start something. I wanted to be a finisher. When I graduated college in 2017 after returning, I had proven to myself that I could finish something. How could I keep that up throughout the rest of my life? Discipline. Even when I didn’t want to go on, I knew I had to if I wanted to finish. It wasn’t about what I felt in those moments. It was about what I knew needed to be done.

What are some things – goals or dreams, that you’ve written down and never accomplished? What are those new routines that you started and ended after three weeks?

ANYBODY can START a business or a blog or a music career or college or an Instagram page. But who’s going to be consistent, stay the course regardless of the opposition and be a finisher?

Consistency is “conformity in the application of something, typically that which is necessary for the sake of accuracy.” It’s also “the achievement of a level of performance that does not vary greatly in quality over time.”

The same way you started is the same way you should finish. Be unwavering throughout the process because it is NECESSARY for the sake of reaching the desired outcome of your goal.

Discipline means to “train oneself to do something in a controlled and habitual way.”

When you have control over something, you are self-contained. You command yourself to do what you know needs to be done. There are no feelings or emotions involved in it. You set the pace for yourself. You become a creature of habit. When something is habitual, it’s a normal, usual thing for you now. It comes natural to you to do this. It’s constant – a part of your normal routine.

We all have the ability to be consistent, disciplined individuals in control of our own lives. When we look at successful people, it’s not because they had a big break and suddenly, we know about them. No. They’ve been doing their job consistently for five, ten, even 15 years without the recognition of others because they were disciplined. Excellence is a normal part of their behavior and we are only seeing the product of years of them sticking to the goals they’ve set for themselves.

Take the time today to go back to those things you wanted to do. Be realistic about what you can achieve and go after it – CONSISTENTLY.

Don’t be that person (me) who thought they could make a massive life change at once. You WILL burn out fast and fail when you don’t have to. Make SMALL actionable steps – a list of those habit-forming things you could do every day to get you closer to that goal. Little by little, you will see the outcome of your discipline.

In the comments below, name one thing that came to mind when you read this. What are you going to do about it?

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