August Goals Recap & September Goals

Hey Fam! Welcome back. Let’s talk goals, shall we?

August has been almost exactly what I thought it would be. It was transformative and renewing. I definitely feel like things shifted in the right direction for my life. There’s so much that needs to be done, but I’m beginning to realize the importance of slowing down and taking a day to rest. In August, I reset my budget in preparation for something in the future and I’m excited to say, I think I found more money! 🙂 I don’t HOW I did it, but September will be a test of this. I also reset my schedule. I found ways to bring peace into my days, more focused work time, and intentional time to take care of my body. I went to the gym this month more times than I had in the past five months! 

September is the start of a new season and also the start of my church’s new year. This is the time when we examine ourselves – doing a heart check of sorts in preparation for the new. In the spirit of the new, I tried to give myself as less overwhelming goals for the month as I could.  

Before we get to those, let’s review the progress made in August.


  • Finish two books – This month I completed “25 Ways to Prepare for Marriage Other Than Dating” by Jamal Miller and “Love Your  Life, Not Theirs: Money Habits for Living the Life You Want” by Rachel Cruze
  • Make more progress on DCM – For some reason, as much as I thought I would make progress on this goal, I did not this month so I’m moving it to September.
  • Commit to my morning routine – For the most part, I made some progress on this. I did a better job of getting out of bed when I needed to and I did the journaling I was hoping to do during the week and even one weekend (something I usually neglect). 
  • Slow down. – Though I’d love to say I did this, I can’t. Which is probably why I didn’t make progress on DCM. Too much “busy”, not enough intentional time management. 
  • Relax. Rest. Reset. – Thankfully, I redeemed myself about three out of four Saturdays this month when all I did was stay home and go nowhere and do nothing. Each time I did it, it felt weird like I should be doing something. 
  • Set up my business document. – Made no progress here.
  • Do something for the church kids. – The most I did with this goal was set up a meeting with the youth department. We’ll be meeting the first Sunday in September. 
  • Continue applying to graduate school. – Made no progress here. 


  • Go to the gym – The goal here was to get to the gym once a week to start back up and get my body moving. The first two weeks, it didn’t happen at all. However, as mentioned above, I shifted my time and scheduled things out. The third week this month, I went to the gym three times that week and I’m on track to do the same thing this week. Exciting!
  • Go to Zumba class – though I didn’t get to Zumba at all this month, my gym days are making up for it so I have no regrets about missing the mark on this goal.
  • Save $137 towards car loan – I accomplished this goal two out of four weeks
  • Write two blog posts – I accomplished this two out of four weeks
  • Go for a walk – I accomplished this two out of four weeks by adding walking the treadmill to my workouts at the gym. 
  • Go to Starbucks to work – I didn’t actually go to Starbucks for this. I created “office hours” at home during the week that I tried out for the first time near the end of the month. It worked! So I’m going to keep that up. 
  • Check in with Granny – did this three out of four weeks this month. 
  • Meal Prep for the week – Did this three out of four weeks this month as well. I’m going to aim for the whole month of September. 


  • Get out of bed by 7:30 – I only missed this goal 7 days this month! For a person who is KNOWN for sleeping over and hitting snooze 50 times each morning, this is a major feat!
  • Spend one hour towards goals, five days a week – I only accomplished this 12 times this month. Thankfully, five of those were in the past week after I revamped my daily/weekly schedule so this is a goal I’m hopeful will get better in September. 
  • Take off makeup at night – only missed this goal nine days this month, which (again) for me is a big deal. (All you skin care ladies please don’t fight me lol)
  • 50 sit ups/crunches – Let’s just say after enduring THAT pain for a week, it wasn’t so fruitful. The only thing that makes me feel okay about it was that I up’d my gym time. 
  • Bible/prayer challenge – I only missed this goal by FIVE days this month. And I’m seeing the transformation in my heart little by little. My #1 goal this year was “seek ye first” based on Matthew 6:33. I’m grateful I haven’t let this one slip. 

Here are my goals and hopes for September 2019:


  • Finish two books
  • Work on the business document
  • Make more progress on DCM
  • Stick to the refreshed budget
  • Read Romans in the Bible
  • Plan out Fresh Start well


  • Go to the gym/Workout 4x a week
  • Get outside & walk 2 miles
  • Write 3 blog posts
  • Meal prep B/L/S
  • Check in with Granny
  • Budget check-ins


  • Out of bed before 7:30
  • One hour towards goals, five days a week
  • Bible/Prayer Journaling
  • Nighttime full face wash
  • Ab roller use

Comment below and let me know how you did in August. Let’s talk about it. 

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