July Goals Recap & August Goals

Hey Fam! Welcome back. 

August is a transformative month. It’s a time for shifting, resting, resetting and preparation for the new season to come. August is a time for renewing commits to routines and priorities. Staying the course on the things that matter. 

Have you felt the shift yet? Something in my nature just automatically starts adjusting for the next season. 

July was all about making things new again as well. I cultivated a lot of great things during this past month and followed through on some things that I had been putting off for months! Even slow progress is progress. The point of it all is to move forward. 

With that being said, here are my July goals:


  • Visit godchildren and give gifts – I only got to spend time with 2 out of 5 of my godchildren this time, but I thoroughly enjoyed my time with them and hope to get to the other 3 in the coming months. 
  • Establish a better morning routine – I made some progress on this. I know I want to include praying and God’s Word as early as possible in my mornings. That was the most successful addition. The next joy will be waking up on time. This has always been a struggle but I’m hoping August will be more of a better time to work on this. 
  • Celebrate my birth and family well – I turned 29 years old this past month and enjoyed my birthday with family. In addition to my birthday, we also celebrated my dad, my sister, my nephew, my pastor, two sisters in Christ, and my niece’s on August 1st. Joy on top of JOY!
  • Keep room & bathroom clean – I did some decluttering in my closet and my desk for the second (or third) time this year. I also made an effort in keeping my shared bathroom cleaned this month. I live at home with my family and share a bathroom with my sister and niece. As much as I assumed they would help keep things cleaned, that is not always the case! So I’ve just accepted the fact that I’ll be doing more of the cleaning in that area lol. 
  • Make progress on DCM – Dreamy Client Magnet is a wonderful course and community created by Reina Pomeroy. I became a part of it back in December and didn’t make much progress thanks to myself. Thankfully, I made it through another module in July and it gave me the push I needed to keep going a little further. Little by little is the key. 
  • Start creating a curated closet – this was a part of the declutter. 
  • Apply to graduate school – I made absolutely no progress on this goal! I’m not really torn up about it to be honest. Other things took precedent and that’s okay. August is when I need to amp it up a bit. 
  • Go to the movies – didn’t happen.


  • Save $137 towards car payment – only got around to 2 out of 4 weeks on this. 
  • Go for a walk 3x a week – 2 out of 4 weeks.
  • Spend a day on DCM coursework – I didn’t spend a day on the coursework each week, but I did complete a module so, Yay!
  • Check in with Godmother – did every week
  • Meal Prep – 2 out of 4 weeks. 
  • Write 2 blog posts – Only got to this one week the whole month. 


  • Wake up at 7AM – made some progress on this, but not much lol
  • Bible/Prayer Journal – made some progress on implementing this into my morning routine
  • Start Today Journal – I completed 
  • Spend one hour on a goal/five days a week – completed this goal 16 out of 20 days!

Now let’s dig into August!


  • Finish two books
  • Make more progress on DCM
  • Commit to my morning routine
  • Slow down.
  • Relax. Rest. Reset. 
  • Set up my business document.
  • Do something for the church kids.
  • Continue applying to graduate school.


  • Go to the gym
  • Go to Zumba class
  • Save $137 towards car loan
  • Write two blog posts
  • Go for a walk
  • Go to Starbucks to work
  • Check in with Granny
  • Meal Prep for the week


  • Get out of bed by 7:30
  • Spend one hour towards goals, five days a week
  • Take off makeup at night
  • 50 sit ups/crunches
  • Bible/prayer challenge

Comment below and let me know at least one thing you’re planning this month!

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