60 Before 30


It’s my birthday month! Go, Cortney! It’s your birthday!

Well, it was on the 9th but you get the picture.

I am officially 29 years old and I’m so glad I made it. In the spirit of starting anew, I put together a list of 60 things I’d like to do before I turn 30 in 2020. I got this idea from Emily at Em for Marvelous. You can read her list here. She didn’t get to complete all of her items but the point is – she aimed for something that she wanted to do. Some of the things on this list are super small things, while others are pretty impactful and meaningful. My hope is to get to all of them but if I don’t, I won’t stop just because my 30th birthday arrives. 

Start: July 10, 2019
End: July 8, 2020

Here goes!

  1. Learn to put on lashes (not the obnoxious ones).
  2. Plant something, watch it grow.
  3. Make an appointment with a dermatologist.
  4. Pay off my car.
  5. Save $1,000 again.
  6. Become a morning person (wake at 7am or earlier) with a consistent morning routine.
  7. Start a podcast.
  8. Start a YouTube channel.
  9. Make a will.
  10. Go on vacation outside of Florida.
  11. Build my church’s website.
  12. Learn to run a 5K.
  13. Move out of my parents home again.
  14. Start my side business and make my first dollar.
  15. Go to a spring parade in Tallahassee.
  16. Finally go zip lining at Tallahassee Museum.
  17. Finally go rock climbing at Railroad Square in Tallahassee.
  18. Visit St. George Island, Florida.
  19. Weekend trip to Panacea, FL.
  20. Visit an aquarium.
  21. Ride a bike.
  22. Get a vitamin c serum.
  23. Get a passport.
  24. Go to Disney World again.
  25. See a concert from one of my favorite artists.
  26. See another one.
  27. Record one of my original songs (I’ve written a ton of music).
  28. Organize a gathering of friends.
  29. Pay off one of my student loans.
  30. And another one.
  31. And another one! (DJ Khalid voice lol)
  32. Finish all the audiobooks in my library currently before buying new ones w/ notes.
  33. Finish all the books in my kindle app w/ notes.
  34. Read “How to Win Friends and Influence People”.
  35. Take a self care day and do “all the things”.
  36. Learn to play 5 songs on my acoustic guitar.
  37. Learn Spanish.
  38. See an outdoor movie.
  39. Take a dance lesson.
  40. Print photos from my phone & create an album (or 2 or 3 lol).
  41. Blog 100 days in a row.
  42. Achieve my version of my ideal healthy body.
  43. Go on a 3-day juice cleanse.
  44. Get into a master’s program.
  45. Pay off Capital One card.
  46. Go horseback riding.
  47. Go to the gym 30 days straight.
  48. Do a full revamp of my closet where I love every item in it.
  49. Do a youth goal setting session.
  50. Make money with a side hustle(s). Goal: $5,000
  51. Find a signature scent I want to wear everyday.
  52. Go see a movie on premiere night (buy tickets in advance).
  53. Sing karaoke with friends.
  54. Surprise visit a friend.
  55. Watch the Sound of Music.
  56. Submit an article to a website or publication (already have 3 in mind).
  57. Go one month without overspending in any budget area.
  58.  Declutter my trunk and keep it that way.
  59. Create a gratitude journal and write in it for 30 days.
  60. See what the hype is about with “This is Us”.

Follow along with me on Instagram using the hashtag #60before30 and make your own list!

You could do 31 things before 31. 5 things before 25. Doesn’t matter. That’s the benefit of personal choice. Here’s to the next year! 🙂

Tell me what you would add in the comments below!

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