July 2019 Goals & Life Update

Hey Fam! Welcome back. 

Due to the planning of my best friend’s wedding and a youth conference at my church (both in June), I’ve been a little absent. Nevertheless, those things are over (praise Jesus) and I’m back here to stay a while.

Here’s the thing about starting and stopping – it is completely okay to do so. If you need a break, take a break. Loyal audience or not, if you aren’t here to provide the content, they won’t have anything to be loyal to, amen?


I’m super excited to type this post because July is the halfway mark for the year as well as my birthday month! I will be 29 years old this year and that has given me a sense of renewed urgency in the things I want to accomplish in life. As I look back, I’ve had a habit of goal setting, not achieving. By God’s grace, this year was a bit different. 

If you read my 2019 Goals Revealed post, you know I simplified my goals into four categories: eliminate fear, eliminate debt, build my representation as an ambassador for Christ and grow slow. I didn’t want to go into a lot of details this year, frankly for fear that I wouldn’t accomplish them. However, I did have 8 simple goals I wanted to tackle this year. They were to:

Seek ye first (God’s Kingdom) – Seek God and place Him first in everything.
Be wise and content with my money.
Get out of my comfort zone – Speak up more. Speak good things. Get uncomfortable. 
Energize my body. 
Empower PCJC members. 
Love and help others well. 
Advance my entrepreneurial career. 
Slow down and do more of what’s important. 

Thanks to my use of Powersheets, I’ve done a halfway mark goal refresh. I’m so grateful for this tool because it is so intentional and grace filled, allowing me to really think through what I want to cultivate each year. Now my goals have transformed into:

Make the bible a priority everyday – I feel so much more connected to God this year than I have probably my entire life. I can tell each day that the relationship is growing deeper and I’m proud of that. For so long, I felt like God had left me and was disappointed in me. I was disappointed in myself. But grace, wise counsel and prayer has lead me to this place that I’m super grateful for.

Pay off my car by the end of 2019 – In the beginning, I was trying to tackle all the things. It was a waste of energy honestly. You’d think by now I know better, but I was in such a rush to get out of debt that I was going to do it by any means necessary. Fortunately, something in my heart said Cortney – remember to focus on one thing at a time. So I did. At the beginning of 2019, my car loan was a little over $5,600. Right now, it’s at about $3,200. I had wished to be at $2,800 by this time but again – I was all over the place in the beginning. Nevertheless, it’s my heart’s desire to succeed and get rid of the car loan weight!

Get out of my comfort zone – You know, when you pray and ask God for things, you’ve got to be careful. He’ll answer in ways unimaginable, uncomfortable and so unwanted that you can’t believe it! Situations have risen this year that have definitely caused me to be uncomfortable. However, uncomfortable places breed growth, so I’m holding on.

Commit to fitness and health – this goal has always been a struggle for me because I never have a constant accountability partner in working out (blame the other guy right? Ha.) I’ve realized though that I’m the problem and only I can be the solution. I’ve done a good job of trying to get my food under control. I’m a lot more aware of the foods that cause me to feel bloated and uncomfortable and those that energize me. Next step, get moving. 

Take advantage of opportunities when I can to help others well – the key words here are “when I can”. Otherwise, I’d find myself feeling guilty when I knew I could help someone but didn’t always have the time. As long as people know I mean well and I do my best to help when needed, when I can, I’m good. 

Build up the PCJC online presence – the first part of this year was me committing to the different church events I’m responsible for. This part of the year, I’d like to set us up more technologically and socially as much as I can before the planning rush starts again for next year.

Focus on setting sights on one entrepreneurial goal per quarter – when it came to my “entrepreneurial career”, I set my sights on more than one thing at a time and basically set myself up for failure in that regard. I don’t know why I do that to myself. By setting this goal to tackle one thing per quarter, I can focus more.

Do more of what’s important – I’ve been queen of doing things that don’t serve me in any way, wasting my time on things that don’t matter. If it isn’t getting me closer to the things I want for my life or helping someone in need, I don’t want to do it. I don’t want to be busy for busyness sake. 

My life is unlike anything I’d ever imagined it would be. My life is also still just as wonderful, just as enlightening and eye-opening, and just as God-designed as it has ever been. Looking at my life today, I’m grateful it didn’t turn out the way I hoped. I’m so much stronger, wiser, more hopeful and more motivated that I would have ever been had I had that life. It’s funny how things come out better for you when you take your ideas off the table. Don’t get me wrong. It’s okay to make plans. But the Lord should still be directing your steps. (Proverbs 16:9). 

“There are many devices in a man’s heart; nevertheless the counsel of the Lord, that shall stand.”  – Proverbs 19:21

With that being said, here are my July goals:


  • Visit godchildren and give gifts
  • Establish a better morning routine
  • Celebrate my birth and family well
  • Keep room & bathroom clean
  • Make progress on DCM
  • Start creating a curated closet
  • Apply to graduate school
  • Go to the movies. 


  • Save $137 towards car payment
  • Go for a walk 3x a week
  • Spend a day on DCM coursework
  • Check in with Godmother
  • Meal Prep
  • Write 2 blog posts


  • Wake up at 7AM
  • Bible/Prayer Journal
  • Start Today Journal
  • Spend one hour on a goal

Comment below and tell me one good goal you plan to accomplish this month. Let’s cheer each other on!

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