Everybody Wants to be an Expert

Kevin Hart is one of my favorite comedians. Hands down. I’m Christian and I know that’s a red flag for a lot of people because of the amount of profanity that little man uses. But, I honestly don’t care! Coming from his mouth it seemingly doesn’t offend me. Go figure.

Nevertheless, there’s a quote he and the “Plastic Cup Boys” recite that says “everybody want to be famous, but nobody want to put the work in.”

I’m here to proclaim – “everybody wants to be an expert, but don’t nobody know anything.”

Grammatically incorrect and all.

The media is SATURATED with people who claim to be experts in finance, relationships, social media marketing, cooking, you name it! But their actual experience level in the subject is fleeting. I’m personally sick of it. Annoyed, if you will. And it’s for the simple fact that behind these tactics, everybody is just trying to get “paper” (money for my slang deficit brothers and sisters). There’s an increased trend of online classes, workshops, webinars, and six-week programs to go from busted to a boss.

Don’t get me wrong. There is a beauty in seeing someone leveraging their life experiences to help others. Like the married couple who’s been together for 10 years guiding single and dating folks on the road to a healthy relationship. Or the thriving stay-at-home mom who paid off her family’s debt and is now killing the YouTube game providing tips on how she traveled to road to debt freedom.

There is this phenomenon surrounding the idea that we can sit at home, knowing basically nothing, mooching off of someone else’s seasoned advice, create an online course, say we know the secrets to this topic and rob people of their hard earned money because they genuinely want to know about the subject.

I call burned biscuits. Enough is enough. I can’t tell you the amount of courses I purchased over the past two years from people claiming to level up my knowledge or experiences just to find out I already knew most of the information. For all that I’ve paid, I should create a course lol.

My advice – research your butt off people. There are a number of free resources in the internets to save you time and MONEY.

My advice – verify, verify, VERIFY. Verify the heck out of these people. Anyone can brand themselves these days and paid for sponsored Instagram posts. Don’t fall for it. Study these people’s track record before you start investing your hard earned money into a trap.

My advice- let them go through their first and maybe even second rounds, and THEN purchase. Make sure that what they are claiming can actually be proven through reviews from those who’ve done it. And not just their friends who love them dearly.

My advice – only purchase things that spark joy in your heart. If you don’t earnestly feel a tug at your heartstrings about it, simply don’t purchase. Watch them on IG live, tune in to their free webinars, sign up for their newsletters or simply read their websites or blogs. You don’t have to buy everything someone tells you to. Know how to spot actual experts and remember that we’re all only human and none of us have all the answers.

All my Love,


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