Life Soundtrack – January 2019

Hey fam! I’m starting the year back off right with another installment of my life soundtrack. This is simply a monthly review of the songs that spoke to me during the month, or the ones I’ve had on repeat. Let me know what you think! And comment below with a song or two that I should give a listen in February. I need to broaden my collection.

All my Love, CJ

*no copyright infringement is intended

I listen to Way FM on a regular basis. It’s an awesome Contemporary Christian station that plays the latest of the genre. I was casually listening on the way to work one morning and BOOM. This song came bumping on the radio and I was hooked. The song has a great theme, it’s easy to sing along to and it’s just become my personal hype song this month.

At the end of the day people, just give me Jesus. As long as He is at the center of it all, I’m good. That is what this song is all about. Everything you’ve been chasing, give it up. Everything you need is in Him. Beautiful actualization that everyone should receive.

This song is an anthem for sure. It doesn’t matter how many times I listen to the song, the message still rings true! God is my hope all the day long. This is why I’m not afraid. I won’t fear what people will try to do to me. When God is all you need, you walk in His joy and that’s it! Love this song!

I don’t know how God allowed it to happen, but I’m grateful He let me stumble across this song on Spotify. To think, I almost skipped it! The song is absolutely beautiful, honestly. If you’ve been contemplating whether or not you should truly GET TO KNOW JESUS, this song will convince you. This guy makes you want to know the man he’s singing about – and that friends, is what music is supposed to do. The song is simply captivating. Seriously. If you ignore every other song on this list, don’t skip this one.

This song is a favorite in my family, period. First of all, the beginning intro is hilarious! As soon as I hear it, it gives me such a tickle on the inside! Nevertheless, the song is amazing. Even if you’re not a “choir music” person like me, you’ll like it. Every morning that I need a boost, this is the song I play. I’m just looking up to Jesus, folks lol.

If you’re a nerd like me, then you like a cappella groups too. Hands down – Pentatonix is my favorite. I was listening to this little Kids Bop playlist on Spotify one day this month (I’m a kid, sorry) and Cheerleader came one. I pretty much abondoned the playlist because I knew for a fact Pentatonix’s version was way better. Trust me. Just listen to everything they do. I just love people who can creatively use the gift God’s given them to make magic.

This is – hands down – the best breakup song ever. It’s honest, truthful, sassy and most of all, empowering. Give it a listen people!

Hunger by David & Nicole Binion

I’ve talked about this album and this couple in this series before. The whole album is one to listen to when you want to go a little deeper in your relationship with Christ. Matthew 5:6 says “Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness: for they shall be filled.”

This song was sent to me by a friend and reader (who’s also a blogger). I love Tauren Wells, really. Songs like this just affirm that love. God is there during the hills and valleys – the ups and downs of life. He doesn’t change. He never leaves or forsakes us. So whether I’m on the hill or in the valley, I’m still going to glorify Him because His love is with me wherever I go.

Love this darn song! A beautiful song of God’s grace that covers us and has been covering us since He gave up His life on the cross. If you ever wondered how you’ve made it this far? Grace.

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