Rant: Tasha Cobbs Leonard’s Instastory about Money

Yesterday evening, I was casually scrolling through Instagram when I rolled up on William McDowell’s post to go read Tasha Cobbs Leonard’s instastories.

Here I am thinking I’m about to see something so profound.

I literally stopped what I was doing lol

I was surprisingly disappointed to see that it was simply basic money advice. Now don’t get me wrong. I wholeheartedly appreciate Tasha using her platform to encourage her followers to be smart with their money. What bothered me was the amount of people who were FLOORED by this advice as if they’d never heard it before.

You mean to tell me that a grand portion of the Christian community doesn’t know to save money, to tithe 10 percent of their income to the Lord, to not spend what they don’t have and not buy expensive things just because they see their favorite Gospel singer with it?

You are absolutely correct. And it’s sad.

Nevertheless, I’m glad Tasha opened up this dialogue. Clearly the conversation needs to be had over and over again.

As Christians, we can’t just go to church, shout and dance to the glory of God and not be good stewards over the finances that same God has given us. As Christians, we cannot say that we serve a good, good Father and not tithe. No matter the income. (Especially when we can find so many others things to spend our money on that have nothing to do with ministry.)

It amazes me how we can spend hundreds of dollars to go to church conferences, buy new outfits, hair and accessories but don’t tithe.(insert shaking my head emoji)

I’m just going to say if no one else stands up and says something to the African American Christian community, I will.

  1. Don’t just “save money”. Get a budget so you’ll know if you even have money to save. I say this because the moment you put money into savings, an expense will come up that you didn’t properly plan for and you’ll be pulling that money right back out. Get a plan for your money and get rid of behaviors that keep you from being great with your money.
  2. Do right by the Lord. We proclaim that God is our source and not our resource, but we don’t completely trust Him with our money. Look at the wonderful job you’ve done with it so far. That was sarcasm by the way. Switch your mindset. Give even your financial stability to the Lord. Your money is already not your own. It’s by God’s grace that you even have it. Give Him what He’s simply asked of you so He can return to you so much more.
  3. Don’t hype yourself up for a great fall. I’m so glad we’re all excited about the wonderful advice that our sister Tasha Cobbs Leonard has sparked in our spirits, but don’t let the momentum die as fast as her instastory ran out. Now that you know, find out more information. Do something about this new-found knowledge and cultivate it. Take action and “make wise money decisions.”

All my Love,


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