Goals: Christmas Edition!

Hi fam!


If you couldn’t tell, Christmas is my favorite holiday!!! I love EVERYTHING about this holiday season. The decorations, the food, the cheer, the laughter, the gift giving, the music, the atmosphere, the JESUS. Hello. More than anything, I’m grateful for Jesus being born for us. Whether this is the exact time of year or not, the point is that we’re acknowledging Him. I’m glad we’ve set aside this time to celebrate Him and do it with so much joy!

So, let’s recap November!

Progress not perfection!
  • Save $500 – I ended up saving only $322.09 towards my $500 savings goal. However, I used the other $178 to make the first payment towards my student loans. I not where I hoped I’d be, but definitely moving forward in the right direction.
  • Track spending daily – This was a worthwhile goal. I’m glad I made the effort to do this. Some I did by hand, some I did in a budgeting app (this being the most useful method). I found out a TON about my spending habits that I had an unction about, but just needed the confirmation. 
  • Only have meat once a day – I started out great with this goal. For a week, I was good about keeping up with which meal I had partaken in meat and avoiding it all the others. Unfortunately, things got busy and it got harder to keep up. At one point, it was even hard to keep up with when I was eating within a day. I’d like to try this again – but probably not a holiday month. 
  • Take lunch to work everyday – I would really liked to be able to say that I succeeded at this goal, but unfortunately I did not. I don’t even think I made it through the first week. Thankfully, it was the month of Thanksgiving so there were a few holiday lunches involved this month that helped me along the way. There were also some great leftovers that helped my cause as well. Let’s try again this month! (Even though, it’s the end of the week and I’ve only brought my lunch once…..)
  • Open the bible app at least once a day – This was a 90% victory. I opened the bible app and read through a devotional everyday except maybe 4-5 days this month.
  • No dairy – Like the “meat once a day” goal. I started out tracking this very well. As things got hectic this month, I was less and less aware of my dairy intake. I was able to substitute almond milk in my coffee. I also tried horchata for the first time in my coffee and thoroughly enjoyed it. When going out to eat, I stayed away from cheesy dishes. 
  • De-clutter my bedroom and desk – Done and done. Still have some things to get through, but accomplished a great deal with this goal. Proud of the progress. 
  • Post on Clarity & Strength at least once a week – Yikes. The first two weeks – easy, peasy. After that – screeching halt. I asked y’all to pray, didn’t I?
  • Workout twice a week (once with a trainer, once with a class) – Although I only made it to one class all month, I consistently worked out with my trainer each week, twice a week except for the week of Thanksgiving. I got new measurements done and set a fitness goal so I’m excited to track that progress and see where things go from here!
  • Listen to Make it Happen by Lara Casey on Audible – I didn’t finish the book, but I did start. And for me, that’s one of the most important things. 
  • Give thanks with a grateful heart – This was by far the easiest to do. A family member of mine was in a terrible car accident near the beginning of the month, but his life was spared. I was so eternally grateful for that. Not that I needed that as a reason to BE thankful, but it definitely aided in it. I was thankful to have my only living grandparent with me for Thanksgiving, especially after losing two of them so closely together. I’m grateful for so many things! 

November was a great month! A lot of progress was made and I think it was in part because I have this blog as accountability, so thanks to all my readers!

On to December!

For December, I’m super excited about what’s in store. I started out the month great celebrating my boyfriend’s 30th birthday with a surprise party on the 1st. It was also a going away celebration because he moved to Texas! I’m happy that he has found his happy place. 

The rest of the month is going to be just as warm, wonderful, meaningful and delightful as that. I’m looking forward to it. 

So here goes!

  • Embrace old friends – I have what I like to call “tried and true” friends. During this season, I want to show them that I care simply by spending some time with each of them or calling them if they live away. I cherish “quality over quantity” in my friendships. We all have busy lives, significant others or children to tend to. But reaching out and embracing them in love this holiday season is my ultimate goal. 
  • Meal prep each week – Though I’ve dropped the ball on this for this first week, I pray the rest of the month excels in this area. I’d like to cut back on my dining out budget for sure .
  • Which leads to my next goal – stay on budget. This is the first month I’m working through a new budget using a new budgeting app that has really helped me see the error of my spending ways. Dave Ramsey says that it usually takes about three months to really get acquainted with the budget we make for ourselves. I’m excited to see how I did at the end of this month so I can make adjustments going into the new year.
  • 15 minute workout everyday – again, already dropped the ball on this. But I worked out on Wednesday at the gym for 35 minutes. Does that count?
  • Open bible app at least once a day – I’d like to remain diligent in this goal so I added it to December. God’s Word is our “daily bread.”
  • Drink water and eat breakfast everyday – I’ve fallen off the water bandwagon I was on so this is to get me back in the saddle. (I’m not sure where all these country phrases are coming from lol) I’ve eaten breakfast about three days this week, which is definitely progress! Since I’ll be meal prepping for next week (hint, hint), this should be a full week from here on out. 
  • Celebrate the Christmas season joyfully – I can tell you now, I’ll have no problem doing this!
  • Be diligent with completing Reina + Co. course Back in November, I enrolled in yet another course. At first, I was freaking out. I wasn’t sure what the benefit would be for me or if I was wasting my money on a course yet again. Thankfully, this course has been a blessing to me as well as the Facebook group that accompanies it. I’m excited about it, but I need to make sure that I actually follow along and complete tasks each week!!
  • Create January content calendar for Clarity + Strength – I’m super excited about all 2019 holds for me and this blog. My heart is to really transform this into a safe haven for people who’ve struggled with the same things that I have over the years. I’ve started so many blog posts that I’ve never posted for fear of judgement or sounding crazy. However, I’m convinced that God gave me those words for a reason. They were meant to be shared. Sooooooo, I’m going to be diligent about crafting this space for my current and future readers. I’m going to take things one month at a time. 

All my Love you guys,


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