I Admit, I Hated Reading my Bible

I have a confession to make. At one point in my life, I hated reading my Bible.

It’s not because I didn’t love Jesus. It’s not because I didn’t desire to be closer to God and learn more about him. I just at one point hated it.

I would literally force myself to read. I would guilt myself into opening my bible app, shaming myself with statements like “Cortney, you should be ashamed of yourself. You open Facebook more than you open your Bible app.”

God forbid I actually open the physical book. Oh no!

Now…you may judge me for saying this out loud. But truthfully you were probably in the same boat at one time so, joke’s on you bud. (If you weren’t then feel free to tell me I’m horrible lol)

This flesh, as Christians say, is a mess. We know what’s good for us but that doesn’t mean we always choose it. We know that Greek salad is better for us than meat lovers pizza, but 8 out of 10 times – pizza wins. Who am I kidding. 10 out of 10.

And that’s just where I was with the Bible. I was the kid moving his head back and forth denying the medicine that’s good for him. I wanted to stay sick. I didn’t want to come face to face with what was good for me. (It doesn’t always taste good, but it’s good FOR you.)

And I’m not alone.

A lot of us shy away from reading God’s Word because we have a hard time dying to our flesh. We know that in reading it, something will be in there that goes against what we want. But, that’s what the Bible was designed for. To detach us from our will and thoughts and instead give us the mind of Christ, make us whole and guide us to truth. (And SO MUCH MORE. Trust me.)

As much as we like to think so, you don’t fall in love with Jesus overnight.
You don’t realize how much you really need Him until you realize how much you really need Him.

That first step is kind of like infatuation. You can’t believe someone so awesome would give His life for you and that’s amazing. 

But after that, it says “if you love me, you’d keep my commandments.”
John 14:15-31

And that’s okay. As the old song says “you understand it better by and by.” It’s an everyday process. But in the end, walking with the Lord means you’ve got to eventually pick up your Bible. When you truly want to know who someone is, you spend time with them. And doing so is a choice.

We have to be intentional about the time and effort we put into getting to know Jesus.

Sure it’s easier to get scriptural devotionals sent to our phones everyday from apps. Sure. It’s easier to let the Bible app tell you what to read everyday for two weeks with a bible plan. It’s even easier to just pay really close attention to your pastor preach on Sunday and only listen to worship music Monday – Saturday. The lyrics to these songs declare God’s Word right?

Matthew 6:33 says “But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.”

Here’s a beautiful song to get in the mindset of seeking.

Seek means to search for or work towards. There’s work involved people!

Intentionality counts. Your sacrifice of time counts. Your decision to deny your wants for his will counts. And His will for you is that you seek Him. Know Him. Love Him. Serve Him. Tell the world about Him. While he takes care of the rest.

All we will ever need is in God. He’s the way, the truth and the life and His peace is immeasurable.

All my Love, CJ

Wanna know how you could seek His face more? Read my post here.

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