Hey it’s November! Let’s talk goals.

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Hi fam!

I’ve dropped the ball on my goals tremendously since July. It was a downward spiral of one thing after the other. However, with only 59 days left in this year, I wanted to make sure that I created habits and a plan to be more effective going forward.

Really. How many times have we heard someone say – “oh my gosh! The new year is here already?!” (Like they didn’t know it was coming the whole time.)

I’ve been there though! I’ve been that person who’s so shook by the fact that an entire year has passed them by and they’ve accomplished almost nothing. This question comes from people who didn’t prepare (or weren’t even thinking about it in the first place).

Soooooo….in preparation of  having good habits going into 2019, I’ve made them apart of my November goals. Let’s review, shall we:

Monthly Goals

  • Save $500 – it’s my hope and prayer (lol) to be out of my parents home by February 2019. I moved back home in late 2017 right before I graduated college to save money. However, the traveling back and forth, the space (and my sanity) is causing me to take the leap back out. Granted this will put a damper on my debt snowball – but, I say let the side hustles commence because it’s happening lol. This little chunk of change is going to help fund my savings of three months rent before I leave the nest yet again.
  • Track spending daily – up until July, my budget was in good standing. Now, it’s a train wreck. I don’t know which direction it’s coming or going. Spending has been frivolous. Paying off debt was placed on the back burner and the emergency fund was touched. THE HORROR. So I’m going to spend November seeing what the heck I’ve been spending my money on (while also being more conscious of my spending in general).
  • Only have meat once a day – I simply want to incorporate more veggies and fruit into my life and be a slightly less carnivore this month. It’s crazy because Thanksgiving is this month, but if not now then never.
  • Take lunch to work everyday – more than anything, I’m convinced that eating out so much has been at least 65% of the reason why my budget has tanked the last few months. Had I been meal prepping like I should have, I wouldn’t have this problem! (But I get home late and then others are in the kitchen when I do get there. It’s just not always conducive for meal prepping. Excuses, excuses!) My hope (and prayer) is to take my lunches at least Monday – Thursday.
    I can do that, can’t I?
  • Open the bible app at least once a day – and if I open it, I’m gonna read something. Like most of us, there are days where I don’t always pick up my bible or read on my phone. But, God’s Word is supposed to be our daily bread. So, here’s to making it more of a priority this month and here on out.
  • No dairy – or more like try desperately to avoid dairy at all costs. For some reason, I’ve experienced an increase in breakouts. I’ve had issues with acne for as long as I can remember, but this has been my best skin year to date. I examined my behavior and eating habits quickly and attributed this increase to the high amount of dairy I consumed in August and September. I basically went on a dairy binge – cheese on cheese on cheese……bowls of cereal at midnight, followed by another when I woke in the morning. It had to end eventually. So here’s to rebooting this skin! (P.S. If I still breakout this month for no apparent reason, I’m going to be slightly ticked that I’ve denied myself milk. I love milk.)
  • De-clutter my bedroom and desk – In an attempt to get rid of more junk before the new year rolls in (and to prepare for a future move), I’m de-cluttering. Let’s see how this goes.
  • Post on Clarity & Strength at least once a week – Yes! This post makes twice this week that I’ve posted so hip, hip, hooray! The point of this is to develop some sort of consistency when it comes to reaching you guys. I want to really dig deep into this thing, connect with my audience and make it happen. Can’t do that if I only post once a month – just saying. This has caused me to develop a “content calendar” of sorts to make sure that I keep up with this.

Are you praying?

  • Workout twice a week (once with a trainer, once with a class) – Although exercising is not necessarily my focus right now, it will be in December. This is a way to keep me active until then and keep up momentum.
  • Listen to Make it Happen by Lara Casey on Audible – Ya’ll, I have the physical copy of this book. I’ve had it for at least two years. I even started reading it last month. I’ve been lazy. However, what I have found is that Audible is my new friend. It’s making me like books again. (Which is weird to say because I used to love to read…) I’d like to completely read Lara’s book, Cultivate. However, I feel like I need to make it through Make it Happen before I latch on to the other. Here’s to making that happen.
  • Give thanks with a grateful heart – more than anything, I’ll be satisfied if this is the only goal I accomplish this month. Being grateful, thankful and looking at where God has brought you from causes chain reactions to other areas of your life. We seem to do LIFE better when we’re more grateful!

So here’s to cultivating good goals this month, being super grateful and not gaining any more weight on Thanksgiving weekend!!

All my Love you guys,


4 thoughts on “Hey it’s November! Let’s talk goals.

  1. I love that you have goals in all areas of your life and that you’re constantly thinking about bettering yourself. I especially love the last goal about being grateful. It will change your attitude and your other goals will be more easily achievable.


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