Life Soundtrack – September

life soundtrack (2)

Welcome back for another installation of my life soundtrack! September was an interesting month for me. When I tell you that feeling of transition set in a bit! IT SET IN! Without warning! But just like any other time, Jesus and music got me through. Here are just a few of the tracks that moved me this month. Enjoy!

All my Love, CJ

*no copyright infringement is intended


echo Echo by Elevation Church feat. Tauren Wells
This new single is from their Hallelujah Here Below and though I haven’t made it to the full album yet, this song has been on repeat all month. The messaging is hopeful and uplifting. It’s nice to know God’s love doesn’t let go.
jonathan Try by Jonathan McReynolds
You would think this is a repeat from last month, however, this man somehow released a deluxe album without telling me. I stumbled upon Try earlier this month. “I owe it to me to at least try.” Sometimes we get in ruts like I did this month. That’s when you need tracks like “Try” to remind you to get it together and just go. You can’t stay in that place.
consuming fire All Consuming Fire by Leeland

Have you ever needed God to just burn away unnecessary things in your life that keep you from being the best version of who He wants you to be? Going through the fire brings you out as pure gold. And He’s ready to make us shine.

light I Am Light by India Arie

If you ever need a reminder about all the things you aren’t and everything that you are, I Am Light is the song every time. India’s light shines in this track that is a declaration of how wonderful we are. Embrace the light that is in you.

hiding place Hiding Place by Tori KellyTori Kelly has such a beautiful spirit and that is reflected in this album and her love for Christ. Kirk Franklin’s fingerprint is definitely on this one. Quality sound, on-point vocals, thought-provoking lyrics, appreciation for God – it’s all there. Good stuff.

How Does it Feel by Samm Henshaw

I love this feel good song simply because it tells the truth about we view love these days and the lies we tell ourselves.

hans zimmer Roadside Rhapsody by Hans Zimmer
Did I mention The Holiday is one of my all-time favorite movies? The story line. The comedy. The romance. The SOUNDTRACK. All composed by one man – Hans Zimmer. Hans is my dude and I listen to this movie soundtrack all the time. This isn’t even my one of my top 3 on the soundtrack! Just watch the movie. You’ll get it. (maybe lol)
jesus savior Jesus What a Savior by Housefires

This song is for everyone who wants to know who Jesus is.

im saved I’m Saved by Dexter Walker & Zion Movement

I’ve never been a big “choir music” person but what can I say! This one does it for me! If you’re looking for something full of energy (and a good bump to it), this is it.

first time For the First Time in Forever by Kristen Bell & Idina Menzel

Listen, don’t judge me…but I saved the best for last! I cannot tell you how many times I have burst out this number this month! It’s like I wouldn’t be me if I wasn’t singing a Disney tune or something from a movie soundtrack in general.

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