New Series: Life Soundtrack – August

life soundtrack (1)

So when I turned 28 in July, I vowed to be more open about my passions in life. #2 after God – MUSIC.

I love to sing, write it, listen to it, dance to it when no one’s watching me and be healed by it. So, I decided to share ten songs each month that I have on repeat or whatever I’m listening to at the time I type these posts lol. Enjoy!

All my Love,

*no copyright infringement is intended

jordan Future by Jordan Feliz

I love this song so much, I play it almost everyday. There’s simply comfort in knowing that my God is holding my future and I don’t have to worry about it. He’s ordering my footsteps to get me to my expected end.

jonathan Make Room by Jonathan McReynolds

Just get the whole album, ok?
Alright. Good talk.

pat The Way by Pat Barrett
I originally heard this song through Housefires, which Pat Barrett is a part of. However, it’s more of a free worship atmosphere – not conducive for radio play lol. So my guy took his own song, got himself a solo album, and made this radio edit that is clearly a hit. Every time I get in the car, it’s playing. It’s annoying. lol
tasha Forever at Your Feet by Tasha Cobbs Leonard

Simply one of my favorite worship songs. I woke up one morning earlier this month and it was on my mind. I haven’t listened to this album since it came out. It’s been on repeat since that morning.

dwell Dwell by David & Nicole BinionListened to the whole album on Spotify and was reminded why I loved Nicole Binion so much. Such a great worshiper. This album features Travis Greene, Tasha Cobbs Leonard, BJ Putnam and William McDowell – all of whom I love individually.

My current fave on the album – Doxology featuring Tasha.

lamar Take Care of You by Pastor Lamar Simmons & Love and Faith Community Church Choir

LOVE THIS SONG! Not only are they a local ministry I’ve been visiting for years, but the talent of the musicians on this album gives me life lol. ENJOY!

fountains Fountains by Josh BaldwinLet’s be clear. I love everything Bethel Music. Period. (Well, just about.)

I heard this song during a live service on YouTube and fell in love with it. Such a perspective changer.

“I have tasted life, but nothing satisfies like You do.”

pj How Deep is Your Love by PJ Morton

I love this guy man. PJ kills. Every time. He was raised in the church, yes. But he ventured on and did his own thing, bless his heart, and I love him still lol. The whole album is good. It’s just smooth, reflective. And I’m a music junkie so I thoroughly enjoy the musicality of the album and just PJ in general.

undoing Steady Heart by Steffany Gretzinger

Man….Steffany’s heart is just so uninhibiting, freeing. Just…listen to the whole album. That’s all I gotta say.

aretha You Send Me by Aretha Franklin

Let’s be real now. I’m only including this song because she died this month – as are a bunch of other people! Ya’ll haven’t listened to Aretha since 1995 and only think about her when she’s included in a movie soundtrack you like – but you didn’t hear that from me……moving on…..

I actually did come to the remembrance of this Aretha version through one of my favorite movies, The Holiday, and have listened to it several times in this year.

See ya later, Aretha.


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