In SUMMER! *insert Frozen soundtrack*

Hey Fam!

So, last Thursday was the first day of summer. I was all excited about it until I stepped outside into 92 degree weather in humid North Florida. Seriously. Summer for us should have begun on April 21st, not June.

Nevertheless, I’m excited about this summer (and just the rest of this year period). 2018 has already taught me so much about life and how things can change in an instant and be wonderful and eye-opening.


To get myself in the summer spirit, I went blueberry picking a couple of weeks ago. I was hoping for a warm day with some fresh summer breezes blowing through but uh….nature had other plans for me! I still was able to come to some realizations while out there though.


  1. I’m not still enough. Though there were others in the fields with me, there was a certain stillness in the air that just made you clear your head, and talk through things with yourself and God. It was quiet and made me slow down, paying attention to what was around me. The beauty of nature…of what God created. We sing a song in church that says “mighty are the works of Your hands, Lord”. In that moment, I remembered that the same God that crafted this earth also made me. I’m a mighty vessel made from his hands. And I need to come back to my creator more than I do – to talk to Him. To embrace the stillness.blueberry6
  2. Peace comes in the disconnect. One thing about it, you can’t pick blueberries and look at Instagram (especially not in that summer sun lol). I know summer is here and we all want to go to the beach, put on our swimsuits, eat a ton of good food, go on vacation with friends and post a bunch of photos. But for why??? (yeah I said it!) This summer, go on vacation or hang out with friends and take photos that you keep private. Better yet – don’t take any photos at all. Just enjoy the moment. I went to the blueberry u-pick with my boyfriend. Yes, we took photos (clearly). But we basically said, we’ll take photos for the first few minutes and then just enjoy our time after that. We’ll always remember that day as a time where we were away from every other distraction and were able to have a serious conversation uninterrupted from anything else but a passing butterfly.blueberry3blueberry4

Call me crazy, but I enjoy finding those still moments. They bring the clarity to situations that a lot of us spend months trying to figure out in the midst of the hustle.


All my Love,



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