2018 Goal Update – Quarter One

Hey Lovelies!


So yeah, this post has taken the whole month to get put out. *rolls eyes*

Again, I’m a walking example of what I talk about on this blog! Consistency is key! No matter what life throws at you and how sleepy or tired you are – MAKE TIME FOR YOUR PRIORITIES.

Moving on….

This is my 3-month goals update! (For my original goals post, go here) So April has rolled in and started out the second quarter of the year. It feels like I just posted my 2018 goals last week! Time is waiting for no one. But, it’s all the more reason why we should not “put off for tomorrow what we can do today.” Tomorrow will literally be five months from now, and you’ll look around like, “where’d the time go?”

So, here’s an update on my goals so far:

Love God Well
WINS: I have gone to every bible study class this year (I think…maybe I missed one?). Also, I’ve started working on events for the future. We had one in March that my commitment was a little piss poor on. So, I’m punching myself in the gut to give it a good effort for the remaining ones this year and next.

PROGRESSION: So yes, I started my KJV chronological bible plan. However, there’s a feature in the bible plan where you can “catch yourself up” if you’ve missed a few days. Let’s just say I’ve used that feature twice already. And as I type this I’m currently two days behind. But, I’ve progressed. Also, I’ve had it on my list to meet with the youth group for two months now. Three scheduled events have been cancelled. Let’s hope the one for April is the game changer.

Love yourself well
WINS: I finally listened to my sister (who’s basically a doctor) and got an appointment for a neurologist. I’m glad I made that decision. I’ve become a little more conscious of what I eat. Meal prepping has been a bonus in this category. I got a juicer for Christmas so it has been a useful tool the past 3 months.

PROGRESSION: I have budgeted every month with EveryDollar and an Excel spreadsheet, however, I have went over in one or more categories in January and February. March was my first semi-balanced budget. April seems to be on track so…let’s pray! I’d say I listen to Dave Ramsey on YouTube twice a week instead of three, but that’s only because I’ve switched to more podcasts. So I’ll probably just listen to his podcast instead of the YouTube channel. We’ll see.

PROGRESSION: It’s April and I’m just now establishing a sleep schedule I can work with. I have been prepping my day the night before. However, the early rising is still an issue (probably because of that not-so-established sleep schedule). Made some lifestyle adjustments, so looking forward to better outcomes with this during this quarter.  

PROGRESSION: By now, I should be on book #4. I’m still on book #2. Literally have no reason. Just lazy. However, I did join a local networking group for young professionals so I’m excited to meet new people and not be SO closed in. I think I have identified a place I’d like to volunteer – just need to visit the center before finalizing that decision.

PROGRESSION: Clarity & Strength is off  to a decent start, but posting 2-3 times a week – not yet.  Also haven’t touched Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator yet but it’s still in the plan. My future career literally depends on it. Pray for me.


Love others well
WINS: This is the section I’m most proud of! I’ve been doing pretty good at remembering birthdays this year (and not because Facebook told me). I actually bought my brother a physical gift this year. Not a gift card to a restaurant. GAME CHANGER. We did have our first “family fun night” back in January, but now that it’s a new quarter, it’s time to do it again! Another game changer, I welcomed a healthy romantic relationship into my life. He’s awesome. Talk about words having power!
(Brother-in-law Ellis doing the honors)

PROGRESSION: I’ve visited and called my grandmother a few times, but not nearly as much as I’d like to. She’s my only baby left. Have to step this one up.

PROGRESSION: My “friend-guy” had to remind me once about my commitment to putting my phone down when I’m around people I care for so that has definitely been a big help. Also, my Granny brought it up to me when I sat with her one day so it absolutely reminded me to put it down.


As you can see, there’s a lot more progression areas than wins, but nothing that I’d call a fail. It’s not that I don’t have time for certain things. These things just have to become more of a priority in my mind first for it to stick. The past two weeks, I’ve been doing my favorite thing – evaluating me. My habits. My thoughts. My commitments. All the things I said I would do to make my life great this year. I’ve got a new fire under my tail, but I pray it stays lit. You never know who’s watching you or what lives you can change if you stay consistent and remain faithful to your goals.

Tell me what you’ve progressed in this year so far! I’d love to know.

All my Love,


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