2018 Goals ‘Revealed’

Hi Friends! It’s time for the ever anticipated (more or less lol) 2018 “Goals Reveal” post!

As mentioned in Monday’s post, I had previously written down a ton of goals for the year. However, after much consideration I narrowed things down by asking myself a simple question: “By December 31st, what do you want to have accomplished this year?”

I answered this question and then placed these goals under three umbrellas:

  • Love God well
  • Love yourself well
  • Love others well

Organizing my goals this way helped me keep things in perspective of what’s most important to me this year. God is first because without Him, I’m lost. I want to place Him back at the center of my life and give diligent service to my local church.  I come next simply because you can’t pour out to others if you’re empty and have no energy. Loving myself well means focusing intentionally on my temple(health), my mind (intellectual), my advancement (career), and my money!

Family and friends are last. These relationships are what keep me grounded. This year is all about building up what is already established with them, attentively listening to my mentors and embracing new friends who are God-sent. BONUS: This year is also about being open to (and praying about) a HEALthy romantic relationship. I could probably write an entire post about that alone but, it’s not about praying for a partner. It’s about being the partner someone is praying for.

Without further ado…my 2018 goals revealed.
Love God Well

  • Cultivate a deeper relationship with Christ by reading (& listening to) the YouVersion KJV chronological bible plan, attending weekly bible study classes at church, and acknowledging the sabbath day beyond Sunday church service.
  • Committing intentional time to the church marketing team and youth group, and contributing useful input to upcoming events.


Love yourself well

  • Take good care of my temple by working out 3X a week, taking advice from my physicians, establishing a sleep schedule, and meal prepping weekly.
  • Maximize my mornings by getting up early and preparing my day the night before (more preparation=less stress).
  • Be a good steward over my finances by maintaining my emergency fund, budgeting with the EveryDollar app, following my debt snowball path, listening to the Dave Ramsey show on Youtube 3X a week and collecting change throughout the year.
  • Cultivate a life of gratitude and peace by decluttering an area once a month, reading an encouraging book once a month, and taking a social media free week once a quarter.
  • Learn Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator by watching online webinars and lessons on the subject, establishing mini projects to complete to build my skills, and learning tips from people I already know who are more advanced at these programs than I am.
  • Build a loyal following for Clarity & Strength by establishing the brand, posting meaningful content at least 1-2x per week and incorporating its themes throughout my personal social media accounts.
  • Start a new career in marketing, communications or related field by applying for at least one position every week, networking with professionals in the field, volunteering and connecting with a mentor with experience in the profession.


Love others well

  • Plan ahead for birthdays and anniversaries to celebrate others well.
  • Organize family fun nights at least once a quarter and spend quality time with my remaining grandparent.
  • Put the phone away and be present when around people I care for.
  • Welcome a healthy romantic relationship into my life by smiling & laughing more, embracing the unexpected, and exemplifying the qualities I want in a partner.

Other goals I have include three projects related to assisting my church, and two other entities that I will keep under wraps for now.

These may seem super simple (or even questionable) to some of you, I’m sure. However, with the help of the good Lord and the people He placed in my life to hold me accountable, I KNOW I’m going to make this happen. However, feel free to leave me a comment below about what you think or a goal that relates to your own!

At the end of the day, it’s not about checking off some list (even though I can be the QUEEN of lists). It’s about making progress, little by little. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do it. Set your goals. Make realistic action steps and get it done.

If you need someone to help hold you accountable, send your email to cortney.pcjc@gmail.com. Trust me. I will get on your nerves once every two weeks. (lol)

All my Love,


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