Cut Out the Noise!

You’re reading every blog post, every book, going to every conference, buying every planner, going to every vision board party, listening to every podcast, liking every post on Instagram, and saving every inspirational quote. What exactly do you have to show for it?
If you’re anything like me, the answer is frustration, emptiness and feelings like you’re not enough.

Sound familiar?

My friend, there is a such thing as information overload. We obsess about a particular topic and then get paralyzed by all the information we’ve consumed.

I’m commissioning you to let it go. Stop looking at the stuff!

Put your phone down.

You’re digging yourself into a hole that you won’t be able to get out of if you don’t stop now.

I did this when it came to getting out of debt. Then, I did this when it came to materials about marriage and how to date the Godly way. I followed all the IG accounts, purchased an online single’s conference two years in a row, made phone calls to people I thought could help me, and read all the blog posts by women who’d been where I was (I read even more posts by men who had the “inside scoop”).

Friends, that thing tortured my spirit until I could no longer function! I let that one subject eat away at my mind and my time so much until I felt so overwhelmed. I couldn’t take it anymore. So, for a while I just stopped looking.

I scrolled right past those one minute videos on Instagram. I no longer liked the posts. I logged off Facebook so I wouldn’t see the ads. I simplified that area of my life and transferred my focus to something better. Me.

We all want that picture perfect relationship, booming social media accounts and profitable business plan. But if you have to get it in exchange for your sanity, it’s not worth it!

Outside of those things, who are you really? Find your place of peace and intentionality. Ashlyn of Ashlyn Writes said “work in a place of rest, not hustle”. I would go even further to say LIVE in a place of rest. Magnifying your desire for certain areas of your life and struggling for perfection in that area is exhausting. Kill the information overload and take a step back. You don’t have to go through every day exhausted and worrying about where your are.


Go without social media tonight. Read a book. Take a nap.

Aren’t you tired?


Here’s to that nap,


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