I’m Officially 27!

-it's offical. i'm 27.-It’s  been over a month since July 9th, but I am so proud to say that I am 27 years old.

It simply amazes me how peaceful and gratifying this last month has been. In spite of all the things I don’t have at this age that I thought I would, I am loving my life and loving this age. When I was 21 years old, I told myself that at 27, I’d be married with a cute kid and a house of my own. I would have my bachelors degree in English Literature from Florida State University and I would be working as an editor. I’d also be this happy homemaker with tens of thousands of dollars in the bank, lending to whomever needed it. But…..

Oh, how life throws curveballs!

My life is the exact opposite of what I dreamed. I realize now that I had dwelled so much on the idea of what my life could be that I never executed the plans to reach those goals. And now that I see it in writing, I realize more and more that God was not at the center of it.Who’s to say it couldn’t have happened?

While I was making all of those plans for the future, my present was in disarray. I was making silly decisions in life, in relationships, in money and in my spiritual walk. My motives weren’t always the best either. But today, I’m grateful that I can say I’m happy with where God is directing my life.

I would love to talk about how I’m such a good person now and things are completely different. The truth is, sometimes I still daydream. I still get a little full of myself and block God out of the picture. I still try to control things and “have it my way”. I still talk complete nonsense sometimes! Thankfully, I’ve grown up enough that those moments are immediately followed by a reality check. I am able to realize when I’m going off the grid and how to bring myself back. I now know that prayer is key to my sanity and survival. I know that life is sweeter with family, friends and mentors who support me and tell me when I’m wrong. I know that my joy is my responsibility and is not determined by who I’m dating, the job I have or the clothes on my back.

“I’m far from where I think I should be, but, somehow I believe I’m exactly where God needs me to be.”

My outlook and desires are shifting each day because I choose to make God the center of my life. Everything else that is important simply revolves around HIm. Anything that doesn’t bring joy to my life simply isn’t a factor anymore.


Here’s to a bright 27th year!



When’s your birthday? Did you have any epiphanies like I did? Has it not come yet? What are you looking for in your new year of life? Comment below!

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