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Hello, April – Let’s Work

You know, I often joke that I have the gift of prophecy. Who knows – I might!  It’s just never been something I thought about pursuing lol.  When I was contemplating my word for 2020, I wrote four additional words on the side that I’d use for each quarter as an ‘evolution’ of sorts. I loved my word pick for 2020, but I couldn’t seem … Continue reading Hello, April – Let’s Work

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What I’ve learned from Start by Jon Acuff | February Book Review

“No one says, “I’m going to be average for 65 years and then die.” The moment I heard that line spoken by Jon, I knew this would be a book I enjoyed.  Start by Jon Acuff is his kick in your butt to realize that you don’t have to stay average. You’re meant to be awesome and you should go and BE AWESOME.  Here are … Continue reading What I’ve learned from Start by Jon Acuff | February Book Review

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February 2020 Goals – COMMIT

“Goooooddd morning USA!!!!!!!” Don’t ask me why – just felt like saying it lol Welcome back to the blog fam!  January was interesting, right? Seems like it lasted forever but I’m sure the rest of the year will fly by to make up for the time.  Because of that reason, my word for February is COMMIT. I’m committing to myself, my body and my work. (It’s … Continue reading February 2020 Goals – COMMIT

Seven Pillars of my Walk with God

Being a follower of God, or disciple, is a journey of faith.  Ultimately, when we begin our walk with God (as the disciples did with Jesus), we know nothing about Him besides the things we’ve been told. Even in those things – they aren’t things we intimately know for ourselves of Him.  I wanted to write this post for a two-fold reason. The first just … Continue reading Seven Pillars of my Walk with God

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2020 Goals – Growing into Myself

Hey Fam! Welcome back to the blog and (if you haven’t heard it enough already) Happy New Year to you! 2019 flew by like we knew it would. I took the time to learn and grow into who I’m becoming. I’ve become a little more careful,a bit more grounded and I’m grateful for that. (Still don’t know how to go to bed on time but … Continue reading 2020 Goals – Growing into Myself

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Goodbye 2019, Hello New Decade

Happy New Year Fam! Welcome back. I hope you’ve enjoyed the entire holiday season – from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day. This time off for me has been refreshing, informative, relaxing, and all the things in between.  I know everyone has been on their “new year, same me” or “new year, new me” vibe, giving out all of the advice and well wishes. I could … Continue reading Goodbye 2019, Hello New Decade

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Money Matters: Seven Steps to Paying Down Debt

Hello Friend,  I have been off and on my debt freedom journey since 2015. 2014. One of them. My balance has bounced to and fro. During my journey – just when I got rid of debts, I added more on somehow. It has been a never ending thing.  This year, I vowed to work hard and focus on one thing. I wanted to pay off … Continue reading Money Matters: Seven Steps to Paying Down Debt

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October 2019 Goals & September Recap

Hey Fam! Guess what?! It’s October. Crazy right? We have officially entered into the last 90 days of this year. This time next week, it’ll be January 1st. (lol) Time is flying! But it’s been a good time. September proved to be a month of proving me wrong. As much as I tried to make my goals as “less overwhelming” as possible, some of them … Continue reading October 2019 Goals & September Recap

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August Goals Recap & September Goals

Hey Fam! Welcome back. Let’s talk goals, shall we? August has been almost exactly what I thought it would be. It was transformative and renewing. I definitely feel like things shifted in the right direction for my life. There’s so much that needs to be done, but I’m beginning to realize the importance of slowing down and taking a day to rest. In August, I … Continue reading August Goals Recap & September Goals

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It’s OK to Start Over

These days, everyone is an Instagram coach or motivational speaker.  This world is saturated with people trying to help others in some way. Unfortunately, a lot of them end up saying the same thing – just in different, more creative ways. The latest thing I’ve noticed is them reminding us that “it’s OK to start over.” This saying is nothing new really. It just stuck … Continue reading It’s OK to Start Over

July Goals Recap & August Goals

Hey Fam! Welcome back.  August is a transformative month. It’s a time for shifting, resting, resetting and preparation for the new season to come. August is a time for renewing commits to routines and priorities. Staying the course on the things that matter.  Have you felt the shift yet? Something in my nature just automatically starts adjusting for the next season.  July was all about … Continue reading July Goals Recap & August Goals

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Depression is Real

Over the course of 2019, I’ve encountered the topic of depression several times with those around me. Depression is real and it shows itself in many forms.  So here’s a “check on” list to help us become a little less self-centered and a lot more self-sacrificing of our time and effort towards those we say we love.  Check on your parents. You may think you’re … Continue reading Depression is Real

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July Goals & Life Update

Hey Fam! Welcome back.  Due to the planning of my best friend’s wedding and a youth conference at my church (both in June), I’ve been a little absent. Nevertheless, those things are over (praise Jesus) and I’m back here to stay a while. Here’s the thing about starting and stopping – it is completely okay to do so. If you need a break, take a … Continue reading July Goals & Life Update

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What are your Intentions, Really?

“Intentionality is key.” When I listed this as one of the life lessons I’ve learned before I turned 27, I don’t think I truly realized how important this lesson really was. Now that I’m almost 29 (OH MY GOSH, I’M ABOUT TO BE 29…….) Sorry. Now that I’m almost 29, this statement basically dictates 89.9% of the things I do, what I say and how … Continue reading What are your Intentions, Really?

2019 Recap – Doing More of What’s Important

Hey Fam! Welcome back to the blog.  Today we’re talking about goals! (One of my favorite subjects lol)  2019 went by in a blur but not without serving its purpose under the sun. My focus in 2019 was simple – do more of what’s important. I set certain goals in hopes they were what I believed to be important for that time, but life has … Continue reading 2019 Recap – Doing More of What’s Important